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Skin-caring and reusable, Sumo is a multi-award-winning diaper fit for the 21st century.

Specifically engineered for sensitive baby skin, our Sumotex™ materials are custom developed with Europe's leading textile institutes.

Be part of our community and let’s take baby steps together towards a diaper (t)rash free world.

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Why Sumo?

With Sumo, we have developed the next generation reusable diaper.

With pioneering, innovative materials and a contemporary, award-winning product design - cloth diapering has never been easier and joyful. Elevate diapering for you and your baby.

How does the Sumo System work?

Cloth diapering has never been easier! This is all you need to get started:
  • Step 1: Choose a Sumo diaper - available in three chic colours and three sizes for the perfect fit!
  • Step 2: Insert our super-absorbent Ufo inlay into the Sumo diaper.
  • Step 3: Everyone always asks "What do I do with the💩?!"
    Easy - just place a sheet of our Dreamliner as the last layer on top. It catches the big business and can simply be disposed!
  • Step 4: Storing and washing your diapers is a breeze with our Schlepp wet bag . Also a popular essential at daycare and kindergarten!

Our Mission

Currently, the diaper market is dominated by disposable diapers, which are resource-intensive, polluting, and potentially skin-irritating. We want to empower the next generation of baby caregivers to provide the best for their babies and the environment, without compromising their lifestyles.

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