About Us

We believe that the shift to an environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle should be joyful, easy and accessible for everyone. 

We are on a mission to develop products and services that elevate our daily rituals and are kind to the environment. To create beautiful, completely plastic free, reusable high performance products that make disposables obsolete, is a long path. It requires constant research and development, that’s why we have teamed up with research institutes and pioneering material manufacturers to create tomorrow's sustainable innovations.

Get in Touch

If you are a scientist, cloth diaper coach, parent, child, student, researcher, content creator, professor, policy maker, journalist, midwife, investor, designer, shop owner, or simply an enthusiast and want to join our quest, we would love to hear from you!

The Sumo Team

Sumo was founded in 2020 in Berlin by Luisa Kahlfeldt, an award-winning product and industrial designer, and Caspar Böhme, an acclaimed cultural entrepreneur and creative director. Since then, new visionary team members have joined and the core team keeps expanding.

  • Luisa Kahlfeldt - Founder + Creative Director
  • Caspar Böhme - Founder + Managing Director
  • Zacharias Al-Awani - Partnerships
  • Rebecca Breidenbach - Apparel Technician
  • Alina Walser - Project Manager
  • Sophia Kessels - Legal Advice