Cloth diapering? Let's go!

Providing the best for your baby and the environment at the same time has never been easier! All you need is our waterproof SUMO diaper and one of our super absorbent UFO inlays.

Choose one of our pre-assembled diaper kits and you're good to go! Below we briefly show you how to prep, wear and wash our diapers.


  • 1. Open your SUMO diaper and lie it out flat, with the inner pocket facing upwards.

  • 2. Take a pair of UFO inlays and tuck them into the waterproof pocket.

  • 3. Tear off a sheet of Dreamliner.

  • 4. Place the Dreamliner on top and tuck inside the pocket.


  • 1. Slide the SUMO under the baby’s bum and fold it up between the legs.

  • 2. Guide the first strap through the side loop and fasten the snap buttons.

  • 3. Repeat the same on the other side and secure the two straps into a bow.

  • 4. Tuck in any excess fabric and make sure there are no gaps between the baby’s legs.

Clean & Change

  • 1. Remove the used DREAMLINER and dispose it in your household waste.

  • 2. Remove the used UFO inlays, and store in your SCHLEPP bag.

  • 3. If clean, you can reuse the outer SUMO diaper several times.

  • 4. If soiled, add to your SCHLEPP bag, along with the UFO inlays.

Store & Wash

  • 1. Store diapers and inlays for up to 4 days in your SCHLEPP bag. Open and place your bag directly in the washing machine. During washing everything will fall out automatically.

  • 2. Wash on a 40°C - 60°C /100°F-140°F program with prewash, spin speed set to 1200 rpm program with prewash, spin speed set to 1200 rpm.

  • 3. We recommend using a sensitive all-purpose washing powder, which usually cleans cloth diapers hygienically, even at low temperatures. Do not use fabric conditioner

  • 4. Its best to line dry your diapers. UFO inlays can be tumble dried on low heat, but not your SUMO diaper.


How many diapers you need depends entirely on your washing rhythm. For a relaxed rhythm, we usually recommend a Fulltime Set. The set includes enough diapers so that you don't have to wash more often than every three days.

The Sumos are made to last and can be reused countless times. If a child is already potty trained, you can pass the Sumos on.

Our Sumo comes in three sizes. Size S is ideal for newborns up to about 5kg (4-11 lbs). Size M fits children between 4 and 11kg (8-24 lbs) and size L is ideal for children up to 19kg (19-41 lbs). Depending on the stature of your child, the individual sizes fit better or worse. However, the waistband can be individually adjusted by the ribbons and snaps on the diaper.

We recommend washing the diapers and inserts on a 40°C program with pre-wash, spin speed 1200 rpm. Please do not use fabric softener and air dry the diaper only.

After each use, the UFO absorbent pad should be washed, the overpants do not necessarily need to be washed while they are still dry. We recommend washing all dirty diapers at least after two to three days.

With our Dreamliner diaper fleece, your child's solids are collected so you can easily dispose of them. So there is NEVER any poo in your washing machine and with the Dreamliner you have even less contact with your child's stool than with regular diapers.

You can simply flush our Dreamliner down the toilet. If you are not sure about your pipes or the performance of your flush, you can simply dispose of them in the residual waste or wash them.

We recommend discussing this topic directly with the daycare. With our Dreamliner and a wet bag, however, you can make it a lot easier for the daycare staff to handle cloth diapers.

Yes you can. In addition to the UFO we recommend to boost the diaper with a gauze cloth to keep the diaper as dry as possible.

Although it may sound a bit surprising, we are very often told that traveling with Sumos is easier than traveling with disposable diapers, as diapers in other markets may also work quite differently or be quite different in price. However, it is important that you have regular access to a washing machine and do not leave your diapers unwashed for more than three days.

Our Sumo diaper is processed with specially developed high-performance fabrics, which have an ideal liquid distribution and absorbency. Our diapers keep tight for 4 - 6 hours, depending on the child. At night we recommend to use a booster.

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It’s always smarter to buy a Sumo bundle than singles. The larger the bundle, the more you save.