Our materials

The design process starts with the fibres: Sumo products are made from our specially developed Sumotex™ materials. Our innovative high-performance fabrics have been developed in collaboration leading textile institutes in Portugal and Germany. They are designed to be kind to baby's skin and the environment.


  • Lyocell is a sustainable and biodegradable viscose fiber made from European copper beech, which is considered particularly sustainable due to its near-natural forest management.

  • Thanks to its breathability, Lyocell is a strong antibacterial barrier and absorbs moisture 50 times more effectively than cotton. For the outer material of the Sumo diaper, we knitted Lyocell fibers with organic cotton and developed a durable, stretchy and super-soft interlock jersey.

  • It was our intention to develop a fabric that is not only good for the baby, but is also a sensitive, tactile experience for adults when changing diapers. One of lyocell's most distinctive characteristics is its softness and smooth texture, making it incredibly comfortable to wear next to bare skin.I


  • The inner pan of the diaper is made from a breathable jersey fabric that is coated with an ultra-thin PU membrane to make it waterproof.

  • The jersey is made from Lyocell fibers that have been treated with pharmaceutical grade zinc during the spin process (Lyocell + Zinc = SmartCell™).

  • This results in a waterproof, durable and breathable fabric that will relieve rashes and eczema while effectively repelling odors.

Kelheim Bramante + Galaxy®

  • Our super-absorbent diaper insert Ufo consists of several layers of cellulose fiber fleece, which we developed in cooperation with Kelheim Fibers and the STFI.

  • The first wicking layer is made of Galaxy®, a trilobal shaped fiber that, thanks to its capillary channels, allows for quick liquid absorption and efficient liquid distribution.

  • The second, absorbent layer is made of Bramante, a hollow fiber that traps liquid not only in the interstices but also inside the fiber, resulting in an effective level of absorption and excellent retention.

Our production

  • Our production partner is a family-owned company based in Serbia, which specializes in the production of baby and children's clothing since 2007.

  • In close cooperation with a young team of production technicians and seamstresses, we are steadily developing new products here.

  • When selecting our production partner, we placed great emphasis high quality standards. Employees are paid fairly above the regulated wage and in addition, monthly inspections of working conditions are carried out.

Our R&D Partners