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Schlepp Bag

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Schlepp is our leak and smell-proof Wet+Dry bag that has room for up to six used diapers and space for fresh Sumos and Ufos in the front. Once full of used diapers and inlays, simply open the bag and throw it into the washing machine - no need to get your hands dirty.

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Our Schlepp bag has space for 5-6 diapers.


  • Outer material: 70% organic cotton, 30% lyocell (TENCEL™)

  • Straps: 100% cotton

  • Lining: 75% Lyocell (65% TENCEL™, 10% Smartcell™ sensitive), 25% Modal (TENCEL™)

Membrane: 100% PU

Care Instructions

Store used diapers and inlays for up to 3 days, then open and throw directly into the washing machine. 

Wash together with diapers and inlays on a 40°-60°C program with prewash, spin speed set to 1200 rpm. Do not use fabric softener and do not tumble dry.

Download our instruction booklet here.

Your impact

  • Using Sumo diapers can reduce your family’s
    carbon footprint by 40%

    *when laundered at max. 60°C/140°F

  • Instead of 5000+ disposables you only need 25 Sumo diapers

  • By using Sumo diapers you are radically reducing waste - 1.2 tons per child!

  • Your baby is in diapers 24/7! Skip the plastics and potentially irritating chemicals for 100% natural + baby skin caring materials.